[Trackers] EOSS Flights November 10, 2018 (WX November 11): Calling All Trackers

Jim Gifford


I’m a 3 for November 10/11.

Jim (K0LOB)

On Oct 31, 2018, at 11:43 AM, Marty Griffin <mgriffin@...> wrote:

Hello Trackers,

After this week’s adventure (thanks in advance for your efforts), we immediately have yet another group of launches scheduled for November 10 (WX November 11).  Planning is now starting for the CU Boulder Gateway to Space and DemoSats flights. For this mission we will fly two heavies or, if cloud cover dictates, 4 exempts!  This is a great time to have all hands on deck for tracking possibly 4 balloons.

As always, EOSS appreciates your commitment and sacrifices to make these programs successful.  Please reply and indicate your intentions for this November 10/11 weekend:

1.       Saturday Only

2.       Sunday Only

3.       Either Day

4.       Sorry, can’t make it.  See you next time.

We are looking forward to another great adventure in eastern Colorado.


- Marty, WAØGEH, EOSS Tracking and Recovery Coordinator