Balloon Inventory Issue

Larry Noble

Sorry if you receive this more than once - my first send may have bounced.

Just a heads up...due to a string of delays out of my control, we may not have possession of the required number of 3000 gram balloons for Saturday.  The order was placed quite some time ago.  Kaymont had to wait for their shipment of 3000 gram balloons to arrive and then unpack and organize their inventory before filling our order.  Our shipment, according to UPS, is still in Florida.  It has not moved since Sunday never getting out of Florida.  Originally scheduled for Thursday, it has now changed to a Friday delivery.  The UPS web site has warnings about shipments to/out of Florida may be delayed due to hurricane damage.

If our order is not delivered by Friday, we will need to adjust...

I have one (1) 3000 gram balloon in stock and seven (7) 1500 gram.  We can, either go with four 1500 gram flights, or one 3000 and two 1500 flights.

I am still hoping for Friday delivery but wanted to give notice of this potential issue.  I will provide updates based on information I receive from UPS.